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I may well be doing my face with magic maker but I’m in my right place, don’t be a downer!

Today is Tuesday, is that right? Hang on…. Yes that is right. Today is Tuesday. I am actually good. I can’t help I’m tilted. Always have been!

Over the last three weeks, I have worked hard to adjust to lockdown life but I have come to realise I am definitely a little tilted. I say that in the nicest possible way about myself. But I say it because I like a lot of things about this way of living. It is simpler to put it well simply.

But more than that I like my own company, a lot. I like being quiet and studious. I could sit and learn all day. I like cooking from what I have at home, it is extremely satisfying. I also like the outdoors even more than I did. Only being allowed out once a day, really makes you appreciate the little things in life. The smell of freshly cut grass, the bird song, the breeze on your face, the change in the season and the headspace it gives you. Walking is my favourite thing to do now. I work out hard at home, get super sweaty and then later on, I will get out for a walk to take it all in.

But most of all, I like and miss the freedom of sitting in coffee shops. I like the freedom to choose where I sit, what I order and what I do whilst I’m there. I don’t drink coffee, but they do good tea as well. By god I miss the freedom to just walk through the door.

Imagine it now, you lace up our favourite shoes, stick your headphones in, put your sunnys on, head out the door and you start walking towards the town centre.

It takes you no time at all as you listen to the music in your ears and you take in the scenery around you. The trees coming into the blossom, the river gently flowing by, the birds flying high above you, the clouds slowly sailing past on the breeze. You tilt your head in all directions to take it in.

You just keep putting one foot in front of the other, not noticing how long you have been walking. Just enjoying the air sweeping into your lungs and out again. Your breath deepening as you notice the feeling. The sweeping in of fresh air and the relaxation in your mind as you let it go again.

You wave at people you know; you stop to talk with a friend. You hug as you part and carry on with your walk.

Before you know it, you have arrived in town and it’s time to make a choice, which coffee shop are you going to? The streets are bustling with people, running errands, ambling around the shops and catching up on gossip.

You walk past four perfectly good shops, ducking and weaving through the people as you go, because you have a certain one place in mind and it doesn’t matter that it is the furthest one away. You really want a specific blend and only they do it!

Only they know how to serve it just the way you like it. You always get a friendly smile and a cheeky little biscuit whilst you’re there.

Finally, your feet have found their way to the door of your favourite little coffee shop. You push the door open and you are greeted with a friendly smile. You are asked “would you like the usual?” that’s how often your feet find their way here. You reply with a loud “Yes Please” because you’ve still got your headphones in, you take them out and you both laugh, it happens nearly every time you go.

You spot a table by the window and you decide that is the perfect place to sit today. The weather is lovely outside, but you want to sit in the peace and quiet whilst you complete the daily puzzles in your newspaper. They can be tough and require all of your attention.

Your coffee arrives, just a few minutes later and you sit back and enjoy the smell. The intoxicating aroma of this blend gets you every time. You close your eyes, breathing it in. You have come to learn the different flavour notes and you smell each one before you pick up the cup for your first sip.

I know then I am in my right place! I’m actually good, I can’t help it if I’m tilted!

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