Small Steps to fitness goal success

Right you have set yourself a BIG health and fitness goal for 2020.

Great work, me too!

I find it really helps keep me motivated to exercise to have something to work towards and I encourage my clients to do the same. It is really important to have another focus which is fitness related and not just the number on the scales because so many other great things are happening to you and you can celebrate each little step along the way!

Your mindset will also change, and your love of your body will grow, it can do some amazing things when you ask it too and you can help it by exercising!

So by fitness related, I mean an event to take part in. There are a whole host of different events out there now to sign up for, whatever your current fitness level! And having that marker in the diary to work towards is a great motivator! You will be exercising and getting fitter to use it instead of just blindly exercising with only weight loss in mind.

But that is a BIG goal and there are a lot of small steps you need to take before you get there and not only that there will be some challenges to overcome as well

Using an OCR event (obstacle course race) as an example, you’ve booked in to run in July. W are currently in January. July is 7 months away.

7 months

28 weeks

196 days

Over that time, lot is going to happen so let’s break down the goal into manageable chunks.

So firstly, set a target for each of the seven months.

Then break that goal down into four smaller objectives, one for each week of the month.

Then split down the weekly objective into 7 steps to complete.

Each day you will complete one step which will lead you to your week’s objective and then your month’s goal which will in turn make achieving your BIG goal easier and make it more likely to happen instead of just setting a goal and expecting it to happen.

As I said last week, work is required to achieve the goals you set but when you break them down into smaller steps then it doesn’t seem as scary or unachievable because you do something small each day.

And remember, you can do anything you set your mind too!

Let’s delve a little deeper, if you are just starting out in exercise for the first time or the first time in a while, right now you should just be focusing on getting moving more often. Setting yourself a weekly target of classes, gym sessions, walks and committing to it!

Then in February get a little more specific, if your event involves running which an OCR event does and its something you find hard, you need to start increasing the number of miles you do a week so that could be your goal for Feb?

In March, switch your focus to some more strength-based training such as a resistance workout at the gym or a class such as my BUILD sessions or a body pump class. Whilst also continuing o work on your running.

Notice I haven’t mentioned anything about weight loss yet. But think forward to the end of March and you’ve been exercising consistently. What changes will you be seeing in your body and yourself?

If you focus on exercising, I have found that you crave better food because you don’t want to sabotage your training and your event. It can be hard still and you will have challenging nutrition days but don’t beat yourself up. Look at the bigger picture and move on as quickly as you can, getting back to the good stuff and feeling the benefits.

This month you are focusing on getting moving more and you are setting a weekly target. Be realistic with this target, if you don’t currently do a massive amount then start small and over the 4 weeks increase the target. Remember you have a bigger goal in mind, you are in Chapter one of your journey and there are endless chapters ahead of you so don’t rush, put the time in to make the changes last.

You can’t skip ahead in a book and you can’t skip steps to achieve your goals either!

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