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Back in 2013 whilst struggling with grief which was disrupting sleep, causing depression, resulting in an unhealthy diet and making it difficult to concentrate at work for around 8 months when all of a sudden I found something....

....FITNESS! and exercise!

I started just running on the treadmill 4 days a week to fall asleep and quickly it turned into a membership at an amazing local gym. Life changed pretty quick from then on!

I signed up to my first OCR event, not really knowing what they were or what I was letting myself in for but Tough Mudder turned into one of the best things I could have done!

I had found something fitness related to become good at which has always been a struggle for me, I wasn’t good at P.E. when I was at school! I couldn’t throw, catch or hit a ball, let alone run fast or for a prolonged period of time!

A little story before I carry on just to reinforce how bad at sport I was, my mum bumped into my old PE teacher and she asked how me and my brother were getting on. (Now my brother was great at sport and could sprint pretty well!) My mum started telling her what we were up to and when she told her I was completing OCR events and training to be a PT, she was pretty surprised, she was even more surprised that my brother wasn’t doing anything fitness related at the time! (that has changed since!)

Finding something fitness related that I could be good at and then complete challenges and events, I never thought possible, made it easier and easier to push a little more!

And a Personal Trainer was key to my success!

Helping with confidence to try new kit, different training styles and giving me valuable advice and tips that have stayed with me to this day!

This is my journey, it’s not been easy and there are still challenges I face but it lead me to becoming a personal trainer, nutritional adviser, lifestyle coach and mindfulness advocate.

Each and every person is different and yes I mean you over there in the corner...

This journey of yours is just that... YOUR JOURNEY and Strong Bird Fitness was created to help guide individuals through their journey with personal training, nutritional advice and mindfulness. The key word there is GUIDE. You have to own this journey and make it yours!

I work with a formula I have created over the last 18 months to help you create a healthy lifestyle that is unique to you and more importantly, it’s sustainable in the long term:

1. BURN – Burn away fat through HIIT style workouts to get your heart rate up! But also Burn away negative thoughts, bad habits and reduce the bad food.

2. BUILD – Build muscle and strength through specific workouts and build confidence, healthy habits and learn a sustainable way of eating.

3. BALANCE – Balance your body after training through stretching and mobility as well as balancing your mind to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

The formula can be tailored and adapted in so many ways, it works for everyone! All three are needed to create your healthy lifestyle but how much of each you do, is up to you and changes over time!

I want to answer a few questions today about personal training.

What is personal training?

Personal Training is exercise based training which is focused on helping you obtain your fitness, health or sport related goals. It is one to one with a trainer. Through a consultation, a PT will find out what you are looking for, any restrictions or injuries you have and create sessions which are typically an hour to work towards your goal. Different trainers will use different methods, some may be very traditional, some may come from a sports background so look at things differently and others may come at it from a background of the military. For me, I come at it from enjoyment and mental health. I found exercise through bad mental health and use it still to help me keep myself motivated for all aspects of my life. But I bring that enjoyment and passion to every session and in planning the workouts I do and the research I do for clients or the additional learning I do.

What should you expect from a personal training session?

Every Personal Trainer is different in their approach that they take. But generally, you will always warm up, do your main workout and then cool down. You may agree with your trainer that you’ll arrive early to warm up and cool down after the session so you can make the most of the time with them but that it totally up to you and your trainer. For me, I spend time warming up and cooling down clients and getting a solid workout in the rest of the session. I work with the formula I described above, BURN, BUILD and BALANCE, tailoring it to the individual. It is a fluid thing for me, always, things change and some days a client might not be feeling their best so I adjust the session as required for them to get the most out of it on the day.

How often should I have PT?

This is totally up to you!! I can’t empathise this enough. Personal training is just that, PERSONAL! There is a cost to having personal training so it has to be right for you. If you know that you’re not very motivated when you’re in the gym but want to train and you have a goal then having PT with you will keep you motivated, push you a bit more and help build motivation to do more. This could be once a week, with the accountability to come to the gym later in the week on your own. It would be three times a week so you don’t have to think about what you’re doing once you get to the gym. You may never have exercised before and you want help learning the kit, how to do movements or need to know what you should be doing. A personal trainer could help you with this over a fixed period of time.

For me, I want everyone to enjoy exercise and be fit as much as I do. I focus on training to do more and that keeps me going again and again. I educate people on how they should be moving, how to use kit, pushing themselves and supporting them through challenges. During the consultation, I will ask clients to tell me what they want to achieve but also how they want to work because everyone has different commitments throughout the week and so you have to make sure that you can fit in your training in with everything else.

Do I really need to have PT? Won’t a gym induction do?

A personal training session is nothing like a gym induction or a basic workout programme you might be given at the gym. At the gym you have different members of staff who are qualified to do different things. There is everything from gym instructors to senior personal trainers who are specialised in a specific area. In a large gym, a fitness or gym instructor is likely to be the one who inducts you in to the gym and shows you the equipment and the basic movements on the machines but they are not qualified to take you through a one to one training session as this requires an additional qualification!

A personal trainer has done additional training to gain additional knowledge on how to put together a structured session to meet your training needs without causing adverse effects.

How much does personal training cost?

The cost will vary from trainer to trainer but it is likely to be around £35-£40 an hour in the Leicestershire area. In cities it could be more and if a trainer has a particular skill set or experience then it could also be more.

Why does it cost so much?

It might seem a lot of money for an hour but the trainer spends time at home planning your session before they meet you as well as possibly offering other support via email! They have also spent time gaining additional qualifications to be able to safely create training programmes and keep up to date with knowledge in an ever changing industry.

It might seem a lot of money and you may think that it isn’t worth it but I disagree with you. From personal experience before I even trained to become a PT, I found it incredibly valuable and money well spent to have a PT session once a month to gain knowledge and train in a specific way.

If you think some PT sessions might be what you need but you can’t afford it. Take a moment to think, how much do you want it? Will you achieve your goal without it? Could you reduce costs anywhere to accommodate it? Could you ask for it as a gift?

Each of the clients I have worked with since becoming a personal trainer have been completely different and they have had very different goals. There have been some focused on weight loss, others have wanted to learn how to train with specific kit, some wanted to be pushed to their limits to get fitter, others have come back to training after injury and or illness and some just know that they don’t train the same without someone motivating them!

The session structure was different for all of them too! If weight loss is the goal then to start with BURN is the focus but if getting stronger is the goal then BUILD is prioritised. Whereas coming back from injury, BALANCE would be the focus to improve movement patterns and gain strength around the injury.

Whatever your goal, motivation, experience or budget, Personal Training will help you achieve your goals faster by BURNING away negative, BUILDING positive and BALANCING your life!

If you have a question I haven’t answered please get in touch via email or by filling out the contact form on the website!

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