After you've set your goals

We are rapidly heading towards the end of February; it’s half term and things are all out of sync because the kids are off school, but the break of routine isn’t always a bad thing. It is a good time to reflect and take stock. We are on holiday this half term effortlessly gliding down snowy slopes and soaking up the Apre-ski! (I say effortlessly in the hope that I will look that good, but I think it might take me a few days, but fingers crossed, I have unwavering faith and I’m prepared to put in extraordinary effort to make it happen! Bring on the lessons)

As I said though it is a great time to reflect and take stock on anything but in particular those goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year, how are they going?

Are you looking good? Bad or damn right ugly?

It is easy to set goals, we could spend all our time setting goals of all sizes, dreaming up things we want to achieve and then not actually doing anything towards completing them! Who’s feeling me?

I set some big goals at the start of the year and I have been working hard to keep moving towards them and today I want to share the ways I have been keeping myself moving forward and not backward. It’s not always possible so you have to be consistent!

There’s that word again, CONSISTENT! But trust me, consistency over time is going to get you to your goals!

Goal number one for me is entering the Indoor Rowing Championships and I’d like to finish in the top 10 of my category which is going to be an incredibly hard challenge, it is bigger than anything I have ever set out to do in fitness before. I am going to be up against some great competitors, and I am going to have to work my socks off to get there!

Goal number two is business focused and I want to double the size of the business this year and I am going to do this by launching a new product that I hope you are all going to love but more on that another time.

For each of these goals though there are new things that need to be doing to help me reach them and over the last 8 weeks I have been putting them into place.

The first one, I have been working on is, being consistent with admin work. So for me admin work is writing sessions, creating social media posts, scheduling social media posts, creating emails to go out to my mailing list, emailing clients on their week, logging used sessions, writing blogcast posts and recording them and then editing as well as creating a new product at the moment. So all these bits have to fit around my PT sessions and group classes which have increased this year which is a great thing but it also means that admin time has reduced a little at its been challenging to fit in around life but I’m getting there!

To do this I bought a social media planner which has become my bible, it includes all the posts I want to put out into the social media world, emails and the blogcast so it has really helped me kick this off.

I have also just started using the diary app me and my partner share to plan in the time I am doing the admin stuff. This should also help him to know when I am free because it can be difficult for him to know when I need to concentrate on work and when I can chat. Running your own business is great there are a lot of perks but there are also downsides, the biggest one being, you have to do everything otherwise it doesn’t get done!

Going back to Goal number one, the fitness one! My love of training has taken a dip in recent months because of a lack of focus and having something to work towards so I have changed that, I have decided to enter the British Rowing Indoor Rowing Championships which take place in December. I have thought about doing this for a couple of years now but I’ve ended up training for running events instead which I have very much enjoyed up until the end of last year, I was looking at entering an ultra-running event after completing a 5x5km event last May but as I started creating a training plan and actually running this plan, I realised that I didn’t want to run that much! I was ready for a different challenge.

So, I am going to row!

This has revitalised my love of exercise and given me a focus to work on! At the start of January, I created a strength-based training plan that I worked hard to do all of, increasing the weights and watching my technique throughout but there was a little something missing. For me, training is about max effort and giving it everything I’ve got, getting really sweaty and my heart racing. I wasn’t getting enough of it with this training programme and as I said above, this year so far has been incredibly business (great news) but it has meant my training time is shorter whilst I get used to the new workout (still not complaining). But I have also taken time to reflect on the last time I had incredible success with training, back when I first started. When I was blasting crazy workouts 3 or 4 times a week, sweating most days of the week and feeling amazing! So, with this in mind I am switching my training up to that. I want that amazing feeling every time I train!

Yes, it will be tailored towards gaining strength, power and speed for rowing, but I have to enjoy the training otherwise I just won’t do it!

The moral of this story is to enjoy your training because if you’re not then you’ll find it difficult to stick to it.

Sometimes though even if you know you’ll enjoy it once you get there, it’s the getting there that is the problem. I have experienced this quite a bit over the last month as well! So, I have been driving myself to the gym to train straight after my client sessions, so I don’t have a chance to go home because I know I’ll sit down and not go to the gym at all!

After you have set your goals, its time to get working on them and you have to find ways of making sure you do! You set the goal for a reason so don’t let yourself down. Only you can put the work in, but you can recruit others to help you, but you are the one who has to work!

And the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of the goal and the quicker you will achieve your goal.

I can’t emphasise enough that you need to put the work in to achieve your goals. Health and Fitness goals have added benefits when you are working on them too! You get that buzz of endorphins, making you feel good when you get to the end of the session so you get that positive feedback as you work on your goal and the more you do it the better you feel more of the time!

It is easier said than done, I get that! I can say it all day long but putting in the work is another matter altogether!

I was chatting this morning with a friend that I work on a project with and we have great plans for the project, but we are struggling to find the time to put the work in to get the project of the ground. So, trust me I know how hard it can be to put things into action but if you want something enough then you will find the time.

To start with it will be hard but over time as you make healthier habits, it will become easier and easier and it will become second nature. Once it is second nature you’ll be putting in the effort to help you reach your goals without feeling like you are putting the effort in!

Keeping your goal in the forefront of your mind is another great way to keep the focus shining on it! And that’s what you want. The more you think about it, the more you work on it and the more likely you are to achieve it! There are a couple of great quotes that talk about “you become what you think about most”

I want to take away from this episode that after you’ve set your goals, you need to make plans to put the work in. And consistently put the work in! By doing that, you will achieve your goals.

It won’t be a straight line from goal setting to achieving your goal, there will be twists and turns and massive detours but if you keep pushing and keep moving forward, one step at a time and you will get there!

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