FLOCK to Healthy Living!

FLOCK to Healthy Living! is a totally NEW approach to reaching your health and fitness goals! These are the 3 Es of the group.... - Education - Encouragement - Enjoyment Using the 3 main focuses of STRONG BODY, STRONG MIND and BIRD FOOD along with weekly topics and monthly goal setting to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle that works for you, a lifestyle you can continue and a lifestyle where you reach the goals you set! You will:

  • be supported to reach your goals

  • be motivated when you need a little extra

  • be encouraged to try new things

  • make new friends

  • learn about exercise, nutrition and mindfulness

  • learn to enjoy your activity

  • be encouraged to achieve

  • track progress in a relevant way dependant on your main goal

You won't:

  • go on a "diet"

  • have to get on the scales (if you don't want to!)

  • be shamed for not achieving

  • have to buy any specific products

  • have to count syns or points

It will be £9 per week (or 4 week commitment £30) This includes: - A Personal support email weekly - A Healthy snack to take away - A 30 min workout on a Monday - Access to a exclusive FB group - Goal setting: weekly, monthly, 6 monthly and for the year. - Goal Reviews

- Tracking progress relevant to you

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