This might sound selfish but how can you expect to help some one else if you are not able to help yourself or look after yourself?

Your World is unique to you and will include things that your friends and family don't include in theirs.... THAT'S OKAY!

Your World is yours and you have to look after it. You need to be mindful of what is in it (material possessions) who is in it (family, friends etc) and what you do in it (work, exercise, shopping, leisure activities etc)

If you find that something in your world isn't right or it has changed into something you don't like or has become something you don't want anymore then you need to have the mental strength to change it or remove it.

This could be as simple as you no longer fit in some clothes and you don't have enough room for the clothes that do fit. The solution would be to either sell or donate the larger clothes.

It can be a lot more difficult through if it is a person, especially a family member. They might not be supporting your healthy lifestyle changes for example.... As much as you don't want to hurt their feelings you need to change the relationship in some way to LOOK AFTER YOUR WORLD!

Being mindful of what is going on in all aspects of your life allows you to plan, enjoy and relax more without causing undue stress or anxiety. They can cause a lot of other problems further down the line.

Your World is a fluid place, it isn't fixed. It can change over time, small changes in your control, for example weight loss or it can change dramatically very quickly and be outside of your control, the loss of a family member.

If something big happens that is outside of your control then having your world in check will help you control this change better than if you are in disarray.

Sometimes you will require help so DO NOT BE AFRAID to ask for it, who ever you are! There is no shame in asking for help and working with someone (friend or professional) to reset YOUR WORLD!

If you are wanting to make changes in your fitness, nutritional diet or both then why not get in touch, Emma at Strong Bird Fitness is a pro in helping clients achieve their goals in both fitness and diet.


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