There are almost as many diet style as they are people these days and although that's not altogether a bad thing, it's not all good. They contradict each other and some outright just bash one another. Some are telling you "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and other might be telling you what to eat and when to eat it, others might be very restrictive, others will say only eat two meals a day but WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

Breakfast is the breaking of your overnight fast which we have been programmed over the last 50 years or so that we need to do but you may not feel like eating. You can be more productive in a fasted state and you might find it easier to exercise as your body isn't trying to do anything else like digest food. Some people get very focused on making sure they eat at certain times to fuel their workouts but again you need to find what works for you. You also don't need to do the same thing everyday.

If you are going to train in the morning, getting you and having something like a banana, 30-40 minutes before you train maybe with a coffee or just the coffee to get you going. These two things provide energy which is quickly available and may aid you through your workout (you might find something else or nothing at all works for you). And then after that you're going to want to eat as you will have not only used the energy you took on just before the workout but also some of the energy stores within your body. S then eating breakfast is highly recommended as you need to refuel and also aid your body in its recovery from said workout.

But on the flip side if you are not training until the evening then you may not feel like eating breakfast. Your routine is different. You hay get up a bit later than a morning exerciser and because you're not going to expend a lot of energy until later in the day, you eat a lot lighter during the first half of the day if at all. This is intermittent fasting which has its benefits and is remonstrant of how we used to live a few hundred ears ago when food wasn't as readily available in supermarkets and shops. And even further back when we were going out to hunt and forage for or food, we were reliant on our abilities and skills to hunt and know what to pick instead of just walking into a super market and cherry picking what we want.

More and more we are picking things that have been ready made for us and just need reheating. But this really isn't good for us. And it definitely isn't helping our waist lines.

I am big believer in finding your healthy lifestyle and at Strong Bird Fitness that is what we help you do! There is an amount of trial and error involved and somethings won't work for you but once you have found things that work, keep doing them and continue in that way.

Personally I decide on when I am first going to eat depending on what I am doing first thing, if I am training or taking an early session I don't eat until afterwards, I am a morning person so I find it quite easy to do this and then have breakfast around 8am. But if I'm not training then I might not eat until lunchtime because I find myself more productive on an empty stomach and I get loads more done.

But as said above, you have to find what is right for YOU!

Finally here are some suggestions for a good breakfast (if you're having it):

Scrambled eggs, avocado, bacon on rye

Porridge with fresh fruit and nuts

Granola, fresh fruit and yoghurt

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