Personal Training and Your Journey

Back in 2013 whilst struggling with grief which was disrupting sleep, resulting in an unhealthy diet and making it difficult to work for around 8 months when all of a sudden I found something....


Started just running on the treadmill 4 days a week to sleep and quickly it turned into a membership at an amazing local gym. Life changed pretty quick from then on, having found something to become good at when you've always struggled is such an incredible thing! And then completing challenges you never through possible makes it easier to push that little bit more.

A Personal Trainer was key to my success! Helping with confidence to try new kit and training styles and the advice and tips learnt will stay with you for a lot longer than you think.

This is my journey and it led me to become a personal trainer, nutritional adviser, life coach and mindfulness coach.

Each and every person is different and yes I mean you over there in the corner... This journey of yours is just that... YOUR JOURNEY and Strong Bird Fitness is here to help guide you through that with personal training, nutritional advice and mindfulness. The key word there is GUIDE. You have to own this journey and make it yours!

The three principals of Strong Bird Fitness are:

1. #strongbody - this is your training sessions - helping you lose fat and build muscle, run faster or longer. 2. #strongmind: this is helping you be strong mentally as well as physically mindfulness and meditation. 3. #birdfood this is your nutrition, your food, your fuel and it is going to help you get those results and keep them going.

Each of these principals are interlinked and you need to work on all three to achieve the results you want.

Take one of my clients for example, we have been working together for over a year now and he originally came to me for help getting back into fitness after suffering a stroke.

We worked on through training sessions twice a week and every 5-6 weeks we tested to see how things were improving and the results in the gym were amazing, his determination and mental strength were right on the money but food wasn't so the body measurements weren't changing.

At the start of 2018 something changed and he switched to a different diet, a different way of cooking and since then the body measurements have been steadily changing in the right direction! KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!

Another example from a different client, she came from a local sports therapist for injury

rehab and strength training so she could get back to running. We have now been working together for over 10 months, she is back running and she is chasing down her ParkRun PB as often as she can as well as learning to play tennis and build her strength. She eats well and has incredible determination to keep going and keep improving!

With both clients now the three principals are in play and are working together to help achieve the results they want to see!

Strong Bird Fitness can help you too! Get in touch via email or by filling out the contact form on the website and lets start your journey today!

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