Event booked - Best get running!

I love having an event to train for. Ever since I got serious about training over 4 years ago, having an event in the diary to work towards has kept me going. It gives me focus, drive and motivation to keep pushing, keep thinking about my nutrition and it is no different now I am a PT and fitness business owner.

I still need that motivation of an event to keep me training and I have the added challenge of trying to beat my partner who although he doesn't train as much as me has a natural ability when it comes to running that I just don't possess so now training is a little about that but mostly I want to see what I can do.. what time can I get?

So along with my partner we have signed up for one of Race Harborough's new events for 2018, Marston Trouble 10k Trail run!

To do that I need to find out where I am starting from and then train to push past that and see what I can do.

Now for me running is HARD! I find it hard to get out the door sometimes, my muscles constantly battle me whilst I'm running, "We can't do this, why are we doing this?" but the other half of me just shouts over that negative voice but its not always easy.

So as I now have the freedom of my own business but I still have a strong need for routine I am going to be running at the same times in the week and would love for you to join me... it is totally FREE of CHARGE and you can just come as and when you like.


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