The pillars of HEALTHY LIVING

Healthy Living it’s talked about a lot these days. Some make it way more complicated when it really doesn’t need to be. But it does need to be YOUR healthy lifestyle because what works for your friend, your mum, the PT on the telly, the guy down the gym preaching at you or anyone else you can think of, may not work for you so trying and failing to make something fit your lifestyle will only make you feel bad about yourself and you’ll quit and then you'll stop working towards your goal and ultimately you'll never reach your goals which will in turn make you feel even worse.

Healthy Living is made up of a set of pillars, each one working to hold it up. And like a building if one pillar falls then more than liking the building can stay standing but if two or three go then it will start to crumble and eventually fall down altogether.

But if you build that first pillar back up then the building is back at full strength in no time at all.

Transferring this analogy to your fitness goal or lifestyle goal. There are a number of pillars that are helping you lead a healthy lifestyle and reach your goals, not just one. You need to make time to keep those pillars standing and all working together. A little time each day is one of the best ways, a brief look at a different pillar each day will help habits form and keep you working towards your goal without it feeling like a massive change or that you are missing out.

Holding up my Healthy Living lifestyle are the following pillars:

  • Regular exercise

  • Eating better

  • Positive thinking

  • Drinking water

  • Sleeping well

  • Feeling good

  • Enjoying life

For me they all sit together but some are a little more important than others. Some play a bigger role in making me feel like me, helping me live the life I want to lead and achieve the goals I set. The picture shows all seven and as you can see; ENJOY LIFE is in the middle, all the other elements even Healthy living are around it and play a role in making that happen. On the outside are REGULAR EXERCISE and POSITIVE THINKING, these two feed into the others in a big way. DRINK WATER and SLEEP WELL are next because if I exercise I drink water and if I sleep well I exercise better and have a more positive outlook. EAT BETTER and FEEL GOOD are next. Eating a good diet which is personal to me so lactose free and very low on gluten with a eye on the GL levels makes me feel at my best.

Putting all these pillars together helps me ENJOY LIFE and lead a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. It is a lifestyle I maintain because it is personal to me and I have put steps in place to help me maintain each pillar!

If you would help creating your pillars of HEALTHY LIVING then get in touch about a Lifestyle Q & A email:

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