In just under a week, I will have been with my partner for a year. He is a wonderful, caring man who loves me for who I am and loves me regardless of all the crazzy workouts I do, the silly hours I work (because he works more ridiculous hours than I do) and the ups and downs I go through. Their not massive but they are still there.

Just under six months ago we moved in together which was the best decision we have made so far. We have had a blast of a summer, doing so many cool things, getting to know each other better and planning our future. Now we both enjoy cooking and we live a healthy lifestyle however I have noticed in myself a big of weight creeping on. He hasn't noticed and says I look the same as before but I can feel it so I decided to give myself a bit of a reality check.

This check involved a Body Stat test and sitting down with myself and thinking about things from the past few months. The body fat % came out a bit higher than I would have liked and I found I'd gained body fat as well as kgs. Not good but when I did think about it, I had had an amazing summer, falling deeper and deeper in love, enjoying life like never before, doing well at work and going to sleep every night with a smile on my face.

So although I had in fact gained weight, it wasn't as much as I had feared and I could work to get back to where I was and surpass it to achieve my goals. I decided then to call:

because I am happy, 100% without a doubt happy and it shows! What more could I ask?? Nothing at all!

So although you may be facing a setback towards your goals, whatever they may be, take the time to evaluate it and move forward.

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