Training outside

There are so many places you can train..... in a gym, in your lounge, in a village hall but by far one of my favourite places is out in the countryside.

The fresh air, the views and the space.

If I've had a full on week getting out in the open air is the perfect way to reset my mind.

You have as many options as you do in the gym, you just have to take a bit more time out to make sure you get a good range of exercises in as well as working that cardiovascular system.

The cardio system is the easiest to work when you are outside, even with just a small amount of space, say your garden, you can do sprint intervals and shuttle runs but with a whole park you can do longer distances with other bits thrown in.

Getting your heart rate up isn't the only thing you can do outside though..... there are loads of things around you that you can use in a total different way than it was built for..... Have a think?

And finally the fresh crisp air clears your mind and helps reset your mindset. You can practice meditation and mindfulness. Just a few minutes (especially if its cold) really helps.

As I walk around I see so many things and all I can think is what exercise can I do off it? or on it? how could I work my muscles with this? How can I get it into my workout?

I create whole workouts with a small bit of park and an object. They are fun, functional and tough but the outcome is so rewarding!

Want to try one? Head over to the BOOK ONLINE page and get a Weekly Workout and I will personalise a workout for you to use in an outdoor space near you.

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