Do you recharge yourself?

Here's a thought for Wednesday..... Do you ever sit and recharge? Just like our phones we need to recharge ourselves and process thoughts and feelings we have throughout the week, to allow ourselves to take a step back and get some perspective on problems, conversations, work, relationships and emotions. We are have different things to deal with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and you need to deal with them otherwise things will build up and become a lot worse.

Take a second to think of the last time you just sat, with no distractions for ten minutes to recharge and reflect on recent events?

I'm gonna a hazard a guess a good few weeks ago or the last time something went wrong, very wrong?

And why at that point did you sit down and think, were you trying to work out what went wrong, how it went wrong, what you're going to do about it, how to talk to someone else about it?

Am I right?

If you sat for just 10 minutes a couple of times a week, in a quiet place and take the time to think what is going well, what isn't, what would you like to change, is there something you would like to do, what you'd like to eat for dinner, what you're gonna do after work? Do it today and see how you feel with a positive thought to take into the rest of the day! Today I am looking forward to seeing results for a client! 🤞for a #positive result

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