January 3, 2019

FLOCK to Healthy Living! is a totally NEW approach to reaching your health and fitness goals!

These are the 3 Es of the group....
- Education
- Encouragement 
- Enjoyment

Using the 3 main focuses of STRONG BODY, STRONG MIND and BIRD FOOD along with weekly t...

August 2, 2018

So excited to be making a little announcement!

Strong Bird Fitness has teamed up with LoyalFree.

A great app where you can get exclusive offers and collect stamps to get a FREE session!

3 simple steps to get started:
1. Download loyalfree on your phone
2. Search Str...

July 30, 2018

This might sound selfish but how can you expect to help some one else if you are not able to help yourself or look after yourself?

Your World is unique to you and will include things that your friends and family don't include in theirs.... THAT'S OKAY!

Your World is your...